Cheverly is a wonderful town! With a few adjustments in policy and a helping hand from volunteers, we can Grow Cheverly!

Volunteering at Our Public Elementary School

An essential step to raising property value is raising public school performance. If you have time to give, please consider investing it in our elementary school students who are struggling. We can change their trajectories if we focus on Gladys Noon Spellman’s small number of struggling students. It is good for our community and even better for the children. Email, the school’s Reading Specialist, if you have time to volunteer!

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Annexing Tuxedo

In 2013, CA-3-13 Annexation Ward 2 (13), a resolution to annex Tuxedo was passed. The resolution required “that more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the registered voters and the owners of more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the assessed valuation of real property.” Unfortunately, we are still two separate entities nearly four years later.

We need you to help us reach out to our neighbors!

Environmental Call-To-Action

With the budget for the EPA being decimated, we have to step up and do our part to save the environment! That means protecting our forests, streams, and wildlife! New legislation must create standards which restrict cutting down trees on public land. I propose, if a tree larger than 6″ in diameter is cut down, 4 saplings must be planted.

Marketing Cheverly Homes

Cheverly must take advantage of new advertising methods to better market the town. By advertising our community online we can inform prospective buyers of this hidden gem. When we have more demand for Cheverly homes, houses will be on the market for less time and will be sold for more money! We want them bidding the price up, not us lowering the price seeking a buyer!

Restorative Justice

In Cheverly, our police department is top-notch. I would like to thank Chief Robshaw for embracing progressive policing by adding body cameras to the Cheverly police department, for taking part in Implicit/Racial bias training, and for proactively requesting the funds necessary to train our entire department. It is wonderful that we did not have to experience a tragedy before seeking out new training methods!

Smart Growth & Development

Not all development is good development. Cheverly must commit itself to reusing already developed land for new projects. This commitment will maintain much of the wildlife and forests we have today.

In Cheverly this means reusing the soon to be vacant hospital site and turning Tuxedo rd into Cheverly’s  Main Street housing local mom and pop businesses, not tearing down huge swaths of trees to make way for another Walmart.

Smart Growth in action

The Greater Cheverly Sector Plan has been in the making for several years. This plan would invest funds into Cheverly and its surroundings which would spur economic development. Sadly, the County Council has not made the final decision to move forward. Call your County Councilmember Andrea Harrison at (301) 952-3864 or email her directly at and request that she vote to lobby her colleagues on behalf of The Greater Cheverly Sector Plan.